Policies and Procedures


Dance training is built on standards that reflect respect and professionalism. These standards include listening to your instructor, following directions, and adhering to the required dress code. We expect our dancers to arrive on time, ready for class, and to display courtesy to their parents, instructors, and classmates. Any misconduct unbecoming to students, guests, or instructors may result in suspension from class. MovementWorks reserves the right to part ways with any parent or student sewing discord amongst dance families in regards to MovementWorks’ program, staff and/or students in or out of the facility.  

On a weekly basis, please ask your dancer if the instructor gave out any handouts. Many times important notices are left in dance bags and adults never see them. This information is also put out on the Remind App regularly so be sure to sign up to receive text notices for your convenience.

Please inform your instructor of any injury, allergies, or special needs that may require addition attention or consideration.

Talking, chewing gum, eating, drinking, sitting down, wandering in and out of the room, hanging on ballet barres, climbing on the mats, or leaning against the wall are as unacceptable during class as they would be on stage in front of an audience.

Remember, a good attitude is very important in any learning environment.

Class Arrival and Attendance

It is essential that students arrive to class on time.  Please do not let your child into the dance studios until the teacher calls them in for class. Teachers are only responsible for dancers during scheduled class time.  Office personnel are not responsible for students at any time.

Please allow ample time to be completely prepared for class to start. This allows for safe and proper warm up and technical practice time to avoid injuries.

Regular attendance is critical for student progression and group choreography. Please try to make all scheduled classes to allow instructors and students to do the best job possible.

Students are not to be left for excessive time before or after class as there is no provision for watching unattended students. In such cases, a fee of $5 per 15mns will be assessed. We also suggest that someone accompany little ones to and from class. The instructors will be unable to monitor unattended children while they are teaching a class with other students who are schedule to be in studio.

If a student is unable to attend class, a courtesy call or text to inform the director would be much appreciated. No credit or refunds are given for missed classes. A makeup class can be done in any of the age appropriate classes throughout the week for students who were absent.


MovementWorks reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher if the regularly scheduled instructor is ill or otherwise unable to teach. If an instructor is ill and MovementWorks is unable to arrange for a substitute, parents and students will be notified as soon as possible via Facebook and the Remind App and a makeup class will be scheduled at a later date.

Make up Classes

As previously stated, no refunds or credits are given for missed classes. Makeup classes are allowed and must be made up within 8 weeks of the missed class. Makeups should be arranged with the director to ensure the instructor of the class will know to expect an additional child.


If a class’s enrollment is too small, MovementWorks Dance and Fitness reserves the right to cancel or combine that class with another appropriate class.


Individual, group, and class photos taken by us or an outside company that we hire may be used in any or all forms of media for advertising. The names of children will not be released at any time.

Parent Visitation

There will be a parent visitation week scheduled once each semester, which will be included in the MovementWorks Newsletters and Facebook Page. Parents are NOT to sit in on classes except during visitation week.

Parents are encouraged to make an appointment with the instructor, other than class time, to discuss their child’s progress. Please feel free to email the Director to schedule an appointment.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition is due the first of every month whether or not your dancer attends class that week. MovementWorks is offering a monthly payment plan. Class tuition is on a 9-month payment schedule (September-May) based on the amount of classes per season. Thus, tuition is the same each month regardless of how many classes there are in any given month.

There are two payment options. 1) Pay In full at the start of the season 2) Participate in the monthly payment plan with the initial nonrefundable payment of the registration fee as well as the starting month’s tuition payment.

Check (made payable to MovementWorks), and PayPal payment to (jm_widener@yahoo.com) are accepted for payment in full. Families who enroll in the monthly payment plan will pay their origianlbe sent a link in September to start their Automated payments. If payment is returned for NSF or for any other reason, your account will be assessed a $35 re-processing fee.

MovementWorks does not mail out billing statements. Parents are responsible for the information that is posted on Facebooks and through the Remind App. Please be sure to like the Facebook page and sign up for the Text Reminders asap. If a payment is made late a $10 late fee will be assessed.

Dropping a Class: Students are registered and his/her place is held in a class for the entire dance season, from the date the registration form is signed through our Showcase in May.  Unless the student is removed from class by having a parent or guardian contact the director in writing two weeks prior to the next billing period, the parent or guardian will be responsible for tuition payments through the remainder of the season. The only way to withdraw from a class is to contact the director in writing to stop the billing process. If a dancer attends any portion of the month, the guardian is responsible for the full monthly tuition payment. Texting the receptionist, speaking to the teacher, or mentioning to the director in passing are not acceptable forms of withdrawal.

Other Yearly Fees include:

Registration Fee: A non-refundable registration fee is required for enrollment along with a standard registration form.  Should a dancer withdraw during the year and start over again at a later date the registration fee will be charged at the time of reregistration.

Costume Fee: $35-$85 per showcase performance costume. This will depend on the size and style of the costume. We will do what we can to keep the fees reasonable. Please take into consideration the lack of expensive class wear throughout the season when investing in dancers’ costumes.

Inclement Weather and Cancellations

If Amherst Schools are closed due to snow or icy conditions MovementWorks will also close. If you are uncertain be sure you are signed up for our Remind App for text notifications and check our Facebook page. Further questions can be sent to our email at jm_widener@yahoo.com.