MovementWorks Dance and Fitness

Classes & Dress Codes



Ballet Beginnings (ages 2.5-5yrs)

Dance classes for young students are tailored to meet their developmental needs according to their age. This class explores both the creative and physical dimensions of each child as they gain awareness of music, rhythm, and movement. Activities are designed to develop strength, coordination, creative thinking, and expression. Creativity is emphasized to encourage the artistic exploration of movement and allow the child's natural talent and skills to be discovered. Children will develop rhythm, motor skills, balance and coordination while learning the fundamentals of ballet. Through classroom activities, children refine motor skills and develop the creative process through the use of props, games and imagery.

Dress Code:  Any color leotard & tights.  Skirts & tutus are welcome. Hair must be neatly secured out of dancer's face.
Shoes:  Pink Ballet shoes. (Not slippers)


Elementary, Intermediate, and Teen Ballet (ages 5-Adult)

Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms.  Students will learn discipline, grace, and movement, along with interpretation. Progression is gradual.   The dancer will begin their classical Ballet training with an introduction to Ballet.  As they master the required skills and/or grow older, they will progress to the next appropriate level of Ballet.  Barre work and center practice in these classes are designed to increase body alignment, coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, rhythm and musicality. These 60-minute classes meet once a week. 

Dress Code:  Girls: Any color leotard & tights.  Skirts may be worn throughout class and warm ups such as wraps and leg warmer will be removed after Barre work is complete. Hair should be neatly in a bun. Boys: Solid white or black t-shirt paired with solid colored pants (Pants must be properly hemmed and not cover dancers’ feet)
Shoes:  Girls: Pink Ballet shoes. Boys: Black ballet shoes


Acro (ages 5yrs-12yrs)

In our Acro class, we engage your child in tumbling, strength, and stretching activities that also promote language, social, and emotional skills, physical coordination, creativity, and more. Your child will learn basic tumbling, gymnastics vocabulary, and new climbing/mounting skills. Perfect for all levels! This class provides great prep work and complimentary skill growth for dancers, tumblers, and cheerleading tryouts. (Check current schedule for class availability) 

Dress Code:  Leotard or biketard (Leotard with Shorts) no baggie clothing or t-shirts please
Shoes:  Children will participate in bare feet

Creative Movement (ages 2.5-8)

This class develops students’ physical skills, stamina, creativity, expression and musicality using a large range of exercises and musical styles. This introductory movement class also explores rhythm, song, body awareness and locomotive skills.  It will prepare students for a successful transition to playing sports as well as many other dance genres at higher levels. (not offered this season)

Dress Code:  T-shirt or tank top paired with either long shorts/shorts with tights beneath or pants (sweat pants, leggings, or track pants) Hair should be properly secured back away from child’s face.
Shoes:  Dancers will take class in their socks. For the showcase dancers will either be barefoot or wear clean sneakers.


Hip-hop/Jazz (ages 2.5-adult)

Jazz dance, primarily based in ballet technique, is a form of dance commonly used in Broadway shows and movies. The essence of Jazz dance is a highly entertaining form of movement that is easy to understand and enjoy. This form of dance develops style, strength, flexibility, coordination and technique. Hip Hop is a contemporary form of dance combining some of today's high-energy "street style" movements like jazz, funk, and break-dance. Typically performed to "popular music", this style of dancing can be seen in movies, television commercials and music videos. Sought after by kids of all ages including the "young at heart", the style boasts that everyone is capable of having fun while moving at a fast pace.

Dress Code:  Athletic wear (girls’ attire should be fitted). Shorts and skorts must have tights or leggings underneath to maintain modesty.  Hair should be neatly pulled back. Jeans will not be permitted.
Shoes:  Black Jazz shoes worn only in dance class (absolutely NO outside shoes permitted)


Modern/Contemporary (ages 8-adult)

Modern is a theatrical dance form that combines the techniques of both Ballet and Jazz into an expressive art form. Modern and Contemporary Dance employ manipulations of shape, time, space, & energy to build a foundation for creative exploration and development of movement vocabulary. Choreographers often turn to contemporary social themes for choreographic inspiration. It is an expressive form of dance conveying many emotions and innovative movements. These forms of dancing can be seen on the hit television show "So You Think You Can Dance".

Dress Code:  Any color leotard/Fitted tank & dance shorts/leggings. Hair should be neatly secured back.
Shoes:  Tan Dance Paws/Foot Undeez


Pointe (ages 12 and up)

Ballet and one other technical class must be taken concurrently. This course is available after teacher evaluation and offered only by private lesson with Miss Jess for no more than 5 students.


Tap (ages 4.5-adult)

Students interested in learning a fun, challenging, and stimulating form of dance will enjoy Tap dancing.  This form of dance teaches musicality, timing, synchronization, and rapid mental response. Movement memory is stressed and advanced in tap classes.

Dress Code:  Any color fitted tank/T-shirt & dance shorts/pants. Hair should be neatly secured back.
Shoes:  Black tap shoes


Musical Theater (ages 8 and up)

Primarily based in jazz, Musical Theater is the style of dance used on Broadway and in other musicals. Musical Theater Dance is entertaining, high-energy, and expressive. All dancers work as actors by using their bodies to communicate a story and this class will teach students how to perform and communicate these stories through movement, emotion, and exaggerated facial expressions. Dancers will learn about many key musicals and through this along with stretching and conditioning they will begin to execute turns, leap, expressions, and other movements that are key to great theatrical choreography. (check Schedule for availability) 

Dress Code: Fitted top and jazz/yoga pants, leggings, or athletic pants. Fitted shorts may be worn with tights underneath. Hair should be neatly secured out of the dancer's face. Sweat pants and jeans will not be permitted.

Shoes: Black split sole jazz shoes



Registration and Tuition Payments

  • To register your dancer please print and fill out the registration form from the above link.

  • MovementWorks offers two payment options. 1) Pay the complete dance season's tuition in full with the option to pay cash, check, PayPal or Credit card. (specific tuition amounts can be located in our class schedule tab) 2) Monthly payment plan; to register with this option a credit card must be enrolled in auto pay. The first and last months' tuition payments (September and May) and registration fee are due at the time of registration.

  • To withdraw a student who is registered with auto pay, 14days written notice must be submitted and received prior to the next monthly billing cycle otherwise payment for that billing cycle will be charged.

  • You will complete the online registration form. If you are paying in full the check may be mailed to the studio at the following address: MovementWorks 582 Church Street Amherst, Ohio 44001

  • You will receive an email/text confirmation when your registration and payment are received.

  • It is recommended that registrations are turned in as soon as possible as class spaces are limited to fit proper ODJFS adult to child ratios and fill quickly. Should a registration form be turned in for a class that is already full you will be contacted immediately with additional options.

  • We value you and your children as students and friends of the studio. Thank you so much for your support of MovementWorks! We look forward to seeing you and your dancers very soon.